Twos/Progressive Toddlers

Our twos are on the move all day and every day. At this stage in a child's life, they begin to assert some forms of independence. Some children begin to dress themselves, while others have begun toilet training. Wherever your child is, the strive of independence is near, and babyhood is but a growing memory.

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Our twos program focuses on the whole of the child and covers everything from cognitive, emotional and physical development. We have a living center, blocks center filled with vehicles and people, a music center, puzzles and games, a manipulative center, and a quiet area for enjoying good books. Everything is within reach of the children, and we help the children learn to become responsible for putting toys back where they belong when they are done. The twos also enjoy singing, dancing, art, outside play and water activities when the weather allows. It's great to be a two-year-old at Little People's Learning Center.

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